The Ideas Powered workshops have been celebrated every year since 2016 with the aim of bringing intellectual property closer to younger generations. The inspiration for the workshops comes from dedicated reports produced by the EUIPO, such as the ‘European Citizens and Intellectual Property: Perception, Awareness and Behaviour’ study and the ‘IP Youth scoreboard’. They highlight the need to better inform digital natives about the importance of Intellectual Property Rights protection as well as raise awareness about the risks and damages of counterfeiting and piracy.

The workshops bring together each year some 50 inspiring young European influencers and multipliers from all EU Member States to discuss ways to generate interest and engagement among their peers on the relationship between creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and intellectual property. Working together in participative and interactive sessions to enrich their IP knowledge, they reflect on concrete ways to mobilise their community both online and offline on the question of intellectual property and its relevance for their generation.

The 2019 edition was organised with a new format by collaborating with another major event giving the Ideas Powered participants the freedom to attend activities not on the workshop’s own agenda. The huge success of this new model will see it emulated in all subsequent workshops at events around the EU that celebrate topics relevant to IP. Panel discussions will be held on an especially created Ideas Powered stage to discuss topics such as the relationship between IP and fashion, the creative arts, start-ups and protecting your ideas in the tech world.