Stuck for ideas and activities for how to learn and engage with IP? Check out below the resources we have developed to help you on your IP journey.


Are you interested in learning more about IP? Based on our experience dealing with the most common issues young creators, innovators and entrepreneurs can encounter, we have created several case studies covering different areas of IP. These can be used as help for anyone who has questions and concerns on how to apply their IP or deal with existing IP in various situations.

Case study 1:

Entrepreneurship and Digital Tech I

Case study 2:

Entrepreneurship and Digital Tech II

Case study 3:

Fashion and Social Media

Case study 4:


Case study 5:

Creative Arts and Social Media

Case study 6:

Digital Tech and Creative Arts


Are you interested in educating and increasing the awareness of young people with your IP knowledge or experience and exchanging views on related topics? You can hold your own IP Youth Workshop any time, anywhere. It can also be as big or as small as you like. To help your preparations, please access the resources below for ideas and guidance.