Urška Kozak (Slovenia) Academic Painter and Illustrator

Urška Kozak

My name is Urška Kozak and I am an academic painter and illustrator from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Most of the time I paint in traditional painting techniques while my illustrations tend to be digital raster paintings. Both classical and new digital techniques have their own advantages which I try to use most fully.


My paintings are independent works through which I strengthen my character, research artistic and contextual problems, and try to find a contact with the observer - art is about communication. Illustrations are mostly done in combinations with stories written by other authors. It is, however, still my interpretation of the story and characters, but it is bound to another interpretation - the interpretation of the author’s text and perhaps even interpretation of his feelings and emotional content. Usually very interesting view point.

Paintings are unique creations which are, in most cases, extremely difficult or impossible to duplicate - with rare exceptions. What happens on the painting, happens only once. Copying the work of art or artistic techniques is a complex concept, it is much easier to “borrow” the idea. Contextual, artistic, whichever. There is nothing wrong with that, it is a process of learning from one another. However it can be problematic when borrowing completely fresh concepts with which the original author has not yet broke through.

The same goes for illustrations, but in modern times of digital media and internet copying and abusing digital art and even author’s names happens very often. It is important to be careful, to keep the high quality images away from public and additionally protect them. Reporting violations is adamant for authors, because creating art is how we earn our living and protection alongside with promotion are significant aspects to our creative way of life. It is also important that we artists respect the works of other artists.

Visit my site: urska.kozak.si

And FB page: https://www.facebook.com/IlustracijeUrskeKozak/


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