Flavia La Rocca (Italy) Fashion Designer/ Entrepreneur

Flavia La Rocca

The Intellectual property. My point of view as Fashion Designer/ Entrepreneur

After years spent working in many important fashion companies, in 2012, I founded my womenswear brand , flavialarocca. I am working on a alternative way of doing fashion, that I call #modularfashion.


Clothes composed of interchangeable modules that, through the use of hidden zippers, can create multiple combinations. The possibility to mix modules from different seasons gives the chance to create a never ending wardrobe, that can be renewed season by season with different shapes and textiles.

It is a fashion project, where innovation and style go hand in hand with responsibility, because all the pieces are made out of recycled, natural and regenerated fabrics, the production is entirely Made in Italy and the idea of modularity allows to renew pieces each season reducing the waste of clothes

As entrepreneur and designer at the same time, I take care about all the aspects of my company and the most important thing for me is to protect what makes me recognizable, the concept of modular pieces. I really push forward innovation and sustainability and, as company, I invest a lot on it, in terms of research, samples production, trade shows, marketing, time.

Unfortunately if we talk about intellectual property fashion designer are excluded from the system that protects writers, film-makers, painters, photographers and jewellery designers, but what we do is still the result of our ideas.

We can't protect our creations but at the same time we need to spread our collections everywhere online and offline to let the buyer and the customers know who we are and what we do. This means that in every moment someone can download your collections or buy some pieces just to see how they works and copy them, but we have no choice.

As designer the only way to protect what you create is to tie tightly the style and the concept to your name and find the way to establish your brand in order to be “the one”.

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