Eva's words on the video competition


Evangelia Kalinoglou was our first video competition winner and we are delighted to share with you her thoughts on the competition ...


It all started as a joke. A friend of mine sent me the link to the competition of IDEAS POWERED and he said that I should participate. At first I declined...I had too many things to do, I was a bit skeptical thinking that it is too good to be true and I thought that my videos were so-so.

It was only one week later that I decided that I have nothing to lose and I entered the competition. Imagine that I was so unsure about my entry that I never checked on my emails. Totally forgot about the competition, I didn't put any attention to it.

One day just like the others, as I was looking through my emails and deleting the junks, I came across an email titled as ''winner of IDEAS POWERED''.I told to myself: what kind of spam is it?

Imagine my joy and my surprise when I found out that I had won a contest which I had totally forgotten.

My experience so far is better than I have ever imagined. The crew was/is amazingly helpful and willing to do the best for you. They are surprisingly co-operative and polite and they give you many travel choices so you can have the best time with your trip.

I am going with one of my best friends in Austria, Vienna in April. I can't even tell how excited I am and I still can't believe it. Also It is a great opportunity to all Art students (like me) out there to get known and to have something extra for your resume.

I was always aware of Intellectual Property as an art student; I just didn't know the small details that can make such a big difference. For example, I wasn't well informed about patents rights or how to copyright my work. Thanks to ''Ideas Powered'' I can use this knowledge on my future work on the art field-a field that needs the protection of Intellectual Property the most!

So what are you waiting for? You have absolutely nothing to lose and If you still find yourself a bit insecure, who knows? You might end up reading a hidden email titled as ''WINNER'' just like me!

Evangelia Marina Kalinoglou


Check her video here: http://www.ideaspowered.eu/gen/node/5891