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Diana Bobar

The importance of intellectual property and the difference between creation and innovation


My name is Diana Bobar, I am an artist from Timisoara, Romania. I studied painting since I was little, and always envisioned myself being an artist in the oldest, most known sense: that of a painter, with colors and brushes. However, somewhere along the way of my education I started playing with fabrics, textures and discovered the world of fashion. I am now working as a self-taught fashion designer, exercising my eye for color by creating seasonal clothing collections together with my sister, Florina Bobar, in our own studio in Timisoara. We create 3 to 4 ready-to-wear and evening collections of clothing every year and also work custom made dresses for private clients. We plan on going to international tradeshows in the near future, to expand our brand and send our work internationally.



How do you define intellectual property? This is actually a pretty good question. The first time in my fashion-designing career when I thought about that was about 8 years ago, while just starting out, being a student in University, when I had a small fashion blog where I used to post pictures of myself with dresses made out of a trash bag and other such rookie exercises for content. Suddenly I saw a similar dress on the Lanvin runway and it made me think of how easy it is to just browse the Internet for good ideas and just use them.

Sure, there is no way I can know if my experimentation was actually copied or not, if my picture somehow got on a Lanvin mood board, but either way I felt proud and decided it is what I wanted to do with my life.

Are your thoughts yours or are they just the sum of your visual experiences? 

If you create something hat somebody already created, with no knowledge of it, is it copying?  

Is globalization helping the intellectual property of an individual? Or is it making all of us create the same things, express ourselves in similar ways?

I strongly believe that we can be influenced by similar things, and therefore have similar ways of expressing ourselves, be it designing, singing, composing, painting etc. even if we live in different parts of the world. For example, a ruffle on a sleeve is just a ruffle. You cannot have a copyright for it. Everything is already been done before, at least in fashion. If you start your journey by wanting to be INNOVATIVE with any cost, then you just set yourself up for failure.

Is anybody actually innovative? Or are we just expressing ourselves with tools already used before?

I strongly believe innovation comes like a ray of light after years and years of work, it just happens, most of the time randomly. It is part of growth. I believe that if you constantly expose yourself to creativity everyday, such as traveling, seeing different parts of the world, going to the theater, a museum or a concert etc. that it will help you expand your world/life view, and that on it’s own will help you be more creative.

Everybody can copy a sleeve, but nobody can copy your voice, your world. And that is where we all must work on, exploring the world that is inside each and every one of us and then expressing it fearlessly.

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