Adéla Rúčková Moravcová (Czech Republic) illustrator

Adéla Rúčková Moravcová

Art is a lifetime mission, not a 9-5 job

I am a young Czech illustrator currently living and working in Prague. I am involved in advertising illustrations, making tailor-made original pictures, and illustrating children's books. Besides, I have recently kicked in writing as well. In May, 2016, my very first own book for children, which I have written and illustrated, will be published in the Czech Republic.

For entrepreneurs and companies, I create funny and imaginative illustrations for web banners, commercials as well as magazines, product packaging and containers, or educational materials. I have a unique and well recognisable illustration style my client's business goes inseparably hand in hand with. They appreciate my fresh ideas and original and funny illustrations, which give a true picture of their wishes at the same time. This is the most challenging, yet most valuable aspect of my work I can offer. Therefore, I highly regard the Copyright Act as well as possible chance to register a trademark, which protects me and my clients against copying my ideas and the actual work.


When working on a book, the concept of Intellectual Property is of a great help, too. With a publisher I sign a licence agreement addressing the publisher's right to use my work. As an author I am entitled to receive a part of the profit from the sale of each book – in case the book is successful, the publisher then pays a commission up to the end of the book's presence and popularity on the market – hence even years after the first book edition. My work is then rewarded with each single sold book, whenever it makes another new reader happy.

As an artist, I am not able to have “9 to 5” job, which is so characteristics for many other professions. I find my source of inspiration in every single moment, thus out of the typical working hours. My art work reflects my whole lifestyle. In this sense, my creative ideas arise continually and are formed in my imagination until the idea is transferred via words and colours into its final form. It is quite common that an idea incubates in my mind for a long time and then its physical expression is created in only a few hours. The Copyright Act recognizes this difference of creative professions and enables artists to have a full working life dedicated to the work of art transferring beauty and joy to others.

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